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Panini Sandwiches

Smoked Ham Cheddar Cheese Panini Bakery

All "XXX" are made fresh to order on a rustic bread with a variety of homemade spreads and delicious dressings. Served with your choice of soup or crisp mixed green salad.

3 cheese panini Las  Vegas Coffee House

Three Cheese Panini $9.95

Cheddar, melted provolone, fresh mozzarrella.

Smoke Turkey Panini $9.95

Smoke turkey, provolone cheese, slice bacon, homemade mustard bread.

Smoked Ham and Cheddar Panini $9.95

Black forrest hame, sliced bacon, melted sharp cheddar, and homemade mustard spread.

Avocado Bacon Panini Coffee Shop

Caprese Panini $10.95

Fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, chopped garlic, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

B.A.L.T. $10.95

Think BLT but better. Thick bacon slices with creamy avocado and ripe tomatoes.

Grill Cheese Panini $10.95

Slice sharp cheddar and "xxx" cheese with ripe tomatoes and freshly chopped red onions.

Caprese Panini Cafe

Italian Sausage Panini $10.95

Mild Italian sausage, roasted peppers, chopped red onions, melted mozzarella cheese, barona-peppers and green peppers.

Chicken pasta panini $10.95

Grilled chicken with melted provolone, ripe tomatoes, crispy bacon and spinach. Drizzled with pesto spread.

Proscuito Di Parma Panini $11.95

Thinly sliced Proscuito Di Parma with melted provolone, ripe tomatoes, fresh basil. Drizzled with extra virgin oil..

Sopressata Panini Bakery

Soppressata Panini $11.95

Thinly sliced soppressata, melted provolone, riped tomatoes. Drizzled with fresh chopped mint and virgin olive oil.


Fig And Proscuito Panini $11.95

Thinly sliced Proscuito on a rustic Ciabarra bread with melted mozzarella, fig jam and baby greens.

Spinach and Feta Panini $11.95

Fresh baby spinach, feta cheese, ripe tomatoes, "xxx" red onions.